Wwoof`s guide

The basic and simple idea of WWOOFing is that you are willing to volunteer in a farm for several hours a day five days a week, and in return you learn organic way of living and receive from your host free food and accommodation. Anyone above 18 years old from any nationality can join WWOOF Tanzania.

What you get by WWOOFing;
It is the best way to learn organic methods from experienced hosts. You meet other volunteers, work together, share ideas, and experience life of one of the most ancient culture in a country with a lots of history and interesting places. Members of WWOOF Tanzania get Access to WWOOF Tanzania Hosts list with full profile details of a host, including contact details, and wwoofer's testimonials - members write about their volunteer experience. WWOOFers have Membership access with WWOOF Tanzania for one year from the date of registration in which should be renewed after every twelve (12) months.

How to become a member
To become a member you need to fill and send the WWOOFers Registration Form, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received it, and then send the membership fee by Western Union Money Transfer, Money Gram Money Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer (TT) as indicated in the Form Become a WWOOFer. When we receive the membership fee, we will send you a confirmation email of receiving a payment and you will have an access to view our Host list.

How to Contact the Hosts
When you become a member of WWOOF Tanzania, you will receive by email your membership details, you then need to login to the website and view the host with contact details. As far as you have paid the Membership fees, you will have access to our Host List, where you will read host descriptions and choose that suit your interests, you then need to contact the host and make arrangement for your WWOOFing period.

What to write to a Host
Ask your host any question you have, try to make everything clear to you before you arrive to the host so you and the host will be satisfied from each other. Write details of your skills, abilities, things, you are experienced and good at doing, which you feel may be useful to the Host when you would like to come and for how long you would like to stay

Why you have chosen this particular host

Any allergies, physical limitations, diet restrictions the host will need to be aware of if accepting you as a WWOOFer. This is what hosts need to know so they can make an informed decision about accepting you. The WWOOF program is about EXCHANGE, tell the Host about your skills or reason you have chosen to apply to this particular host and ask what work the host has for you. Ask the host the number of hours they expect you to work. You are expected to eat the food provided by your host, ask what sort of meals they provide (some are vegetarian, some are not) Potential Participants in the WWOOF program should satisfy themselves that they are able to cope with the physical and mental demands of the WWOOF experience. Participants should have at least average physical fitness After scheduling your volunteer period You might have contact several hosts before scheduling with a particular host, it will be nice to inform other hosts that invite you, that you schedule with another host. In case something happen and you can not arrive to a host, please inform your host so he will be able to get help from another volunteer.

Length of Stay

The minimum stay on a WWOOF farm is two nights; the maximum stay is by mutual agreement between you and your host. Most stays are for a few days only, but there are a number of hosts who encourage longer term stays up to as long as six months, usually after a trial period of four or five days. In each host profile, you will see "Preferred Days of Stay” and "Preferred Visit Period", that indicate duration and when to volunteer. WWOOFing is amazing!!!! Try it!!!

What to take with you

Check with your host, what kind of accommodation he/she provide, Mostly accommodation is in a spare room within the family home - but some has tent so you might need a sleeping bag. Boots and Gloves. While work can be anywhere in a house, garden or farm situation, always anticipate the worst weather and carry (and wear) boots to protect your feet and ankles from injury, bites and stings; also gloves for hands. Goodwill... and respect for the privacy of your host. Common Sense ... and a willingness to ask questions about places, people and processes.

WWOOFing with Children

Some host farms welcome children by arrangement. Please look at their profile to see if they accept children or ask where necessary. The most important point to make is that - please - never WWOOF with children except by prior arrangement with the host. Religion matters should also be discussed where necessary.

Insurance policy

We want to emphasize that you must arrive to WWOOF Tanzania host with valid health insurance, If you don't have one, we recommend OV Europa and worldnomads.

Visa and Immigration

WWOOF Tanzania and the Hosts are not responsible for VISA arrangements rather, WWOOFers will be responsible for their VISA arrangements.

Renew Membership with WWOOF Tanzania
WWOOFers that wish to renew their membership do not need to complete the registration form again, All you need is to send the renew membership fee to WWOOF Tanzania.

Host contact volunteer
WWOOF Tanzania Hosts can contact WWOOFers and invite them to WWOOF in their farms. It might happen that you get an interesting offer to WWOOF from one of WWOOF Tanzania hosts!!!! We advise WWOOFers to update their profiles after login, with image and few words about themselves.