Without prejudice WWOOF Tanzania accepts applications for Membership from individuals and Organizations basing and focusing on Organic Farming techniques, or representing other groups with the same focus on Organic Farming. WWOOF Tanzania Membership is open to any person or Organization at Local and International level.

Categories of Membership.

Individual Membership: this shall include an individual member only.
Group membership: This category of membership shall be open to any group, institution, NGOs and Companies having interest to cooperate with our Company inside and outside Tanzania.
Honorary membership: This category of membership shall be given to any person who by his/her efforts shall step forward the development of WWOOF Tanzania to fulfill its objectives.

WWOOF Tanzania application fees are agreed and decided by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as indicated in the application form.

Rights, Obligations and Opportunities of Membership
• Participate in Workshops, Trainings and Meetings
• Participate in decision making during the Annual General Meetings
• Respect and adhere to WWOOF Tanzania Constitution
• Accomplish duties and responsibilities as required
• Promote and defend the interest of WWOOF Tanzania
• Pay annual subscription fees and contributions as determined by the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
• Access information from WWOOF Tanzania Management (eg. Documents and any other materials promoting OrganicAgriculture).

Become a member.
If you are interested with any category of membership and you wish to join our movement please visit the “CONTACT” page and request an application form, we will send it to you as soon as possible or download it as an attachment below, fill and forward it to