How do I start?

The first thing you need to decide is where; precisely you want to go WWOOFing in Tanzania. Next you have to Register as a WWOOFer with Tanzania National WWOOFing organization and pay registration fee in order to have access to the Host List containing contacts of all the Hosts listed. Our hosts are scattered all over Tanzania from where you will have a choice of your interest. It is then your responsibility to make direct contact with a host farm of your choice to arrange a mutually convenient time for your visit.
NOTE; If you want to WWOOF with more than one host you need to notify WWOOF Tanzania regarding your WWOOFing schedule/timetable from one host to another.

What kind of VISA do I need?

In general it is up to the volunteer to research and arrange any visas required for their WWOOFing stay. WWOOF organizations do not normally arrange placements on the farms - this is something you do directly with the hosts. This means that neither WWOOF staff nor WWOOF hosts can usually help you with getting visas.

How old do I have to be to go WWOOFing?

WWOOF Tanzania requires you to be 18 years old. This is actually a legal issue. People below 18 are considered by law to be children, which mean that hosts would be legally responsible for anything that happens to you on their property. Many of our hosts are not willing to take on the extra responsibility that this entails. It will be reasonable if children under 18 years of age are accompanied by their parents or guardians but only with agreement with the responsible host you wish to go on WWOOFing on their farms. If the host agree to invite you with your children you may do so but children under 18 years are strictly not allowed to go on WWOOFing by themselves.

 How much will it cost to go WWOOFing?

Each WWOOF trip is unique. It is therefore difficult to provide a precise figure. Please ensure you budget for the following: subscription fee to WWOOF Tanzania is 50$ for a single membership.
  • Accommodation en route
  • Insurance
  • Toiletries/medicines
  • Mobile phone/internet access
  • Day trips/treats
  • If you don't already have sturdy working boots and a sleeping bag it is also advisable to purchase these (though many farmers may have proper beds and linen for you..).

For how long can I stay on a WWOOF farm?

Normally the length of stay on a farm is decided between you and your host. There is no standard period. It can be anything from a few days to a few months. It all depends on what you both want. While some hosts like long stays others prefer short stays. Some ask for a few weeks trial before accepting people for longer stays.

What kind of security checks are done on hosts?

The checks made on the hosts vary depending on where you WWOOF. WWOOF Tanzania only acts as contact agency between Hosts and WWOOFers. Visiting each host before being accepted is one of the check we do to some currently; others require further checks or references. As many WWOOF organizations including WWOOF Tanzania are not-for-profit they do not always have the resources to visit all their host farms. In general - when arranging to visit a WWOOF host you must take all the precautions you would take when visiting someone you do not know. WWOOF Tanzania prefers a feedback or reference system from previous WWOOFers. WWOOF Tanzania has strict complaints procedures. If we get a complaint about a host or WWOOFer, it is investigated. If the complaint is upheld they are removed from our lists and cannot join again!

Am I too old to go WWOOFing?

Providing you are fit and well enough to work for 4-6 hours per day - there is no upper age limit for WWOOFing. Many farmers welcome the maturity older WWOOFers bring. We would however recommend that you tell your host in advance about any physical limitation you may have.

For more information check out ‘Will my age be an issue’

Do I need Insurance?
We recommend normal Travel Insurance, which would cover theft, illness etc. Please do your own research. You may want to check out the cover Worldnomads offers for volunteers.